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Far gone are the days when a visible tattoo could cast you in a negative light or exclude you from jobs.  Now that tattooing has entered the public consciousness as a highly unique and personal art form, a much more broad spectrum of people are embracing the art of tattoos.  people from all walks of life are seeking out high-quality tattoos: the tattoo business is booming and is rapidly evolving to accommodate demand. 

Art & Ink is a documentary webisode series that looks at the fine art and multi-dimensional work behind some of your favourite tattoo artists.

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Art & INK Mr.LOVE presents -The celebration of the craft of tattooing and the creation of art. Both of these applications co-inside to create wonderful lasting images. This video showcases the artist Jimbow North from Vancouver B.C. Canada. He demonstrates what it takes to be a tattoo technician with the fundamentals of being a multi medium painter and illustrator.

Mr.Love presents : Art and Ink Ep#2 Artist Ryan Cardinal. Ryan can tattoo any style/ he loves to focus on comic book and fantasy art. check out his amazing spiderman tattoo from start to finish. Directed by Michael Love

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