Motorcycle Enthusiast is directed by Michael Love.  Gotta cool bike? Email with a photo and your story! 

Bob is a true motorcycle enthusiast. Bob with the help of his friends rebuilt from the ground up his1942 WLC ( Canadian) Harley Davidson Arny Bike. The bike started as a basket -case every detail was taken into consideration during the restoration of this classic motorcycle.

Booth Bike is a 1968 Moto Guzzi. It's the 8th bike out of 100 built from Italy. Booth rides his Guzzi daily and has replaced all of the wiring and considers this machine to be a "Gentleman's Bike" Booth have a very special bond with his motorcycle.

Allan describes in great detail his modified 1940 Indian Scout motorcycle. Allan also gives personal insight on the bond he has with his creation. He has installed a Norton front-end / gearbox/ rear wheel for the sole purpose of racing his Indian Scout.